Dispatch Service

BST Logistics is a full service dispatch service, designed to move small to mid-size owner operators to the next level in their business. We specialize in open top trailers – Flatbeds, Step Decks and Hot Shot Rigs – but we also do Dry Vans and RGNs. Our goal is to move a one or two truck Owner Operator business to a three, four, or five truck business.

Help Is On The Way

If you are an owner operator, with your own running authority, and are looking for someone to find and schedule your loads for you, give us a call. Finding and scheduling loads – this is the make or break of any small to mid-size hot shot business. This is the aspect of the business that catapults owner operators to the next level as a hot shot business or send them looking for other opportunities to support their family. You CANNOT succeed in this space without keeping your truck(s) loaded and running.

I know firsthand that trying to load your own truck while you are driving is frustrating, very stressful, and near impossible. But is doesn’t have to be that way. If you want to keep your truck loaded and make a decent profit at the end of each week, allow us to book your loads for you. This aspect of the business is best suited for someone with experience in the field. We want you to know what it feels like to pick up a load, and before you have even dropped that load, you already have another load booked. That is a GREAT feeling.

We can find and schedule your loads for you. We fill out your packets for you – building your clientele for your business. In addition to this, we can teach you what you need to know about this business to stay in compliance and keep from being shut down by DOT for what you did not know.

The reason many dispatch services cannot offer you this critical information about the business is because they simply do not know. They have not run a hot shot rig, so they cannot tell you what you need to know to pass a Level 1 inspection at the scales. They cannot explain to you that your straps should not go outside the rub rail, or how many straps you need according to the length of a load to be in DOT compliance. This is where we go above and beyond in the service of owner operators, and what truly sets us apart. 

Big Rig...We Got You Covered!

We understand that running a semi in todays market, you need to run at a great rate to stay profitable. It is our goal to secure the best paying loads for your truck. This starts with a Great dispatcher. Someone that understands keeping you running by keeping you pre booked. 

Unlike service that offer a flat weekly rate, we prefer a 6% flat rate for semis. Here is why. If you are off for a week, you shouldn’t have to pay for that week. You didn’t use it, and you should have to pay for it. With our service plan you don’t have to. Also, we only bring the best dispatchers onto out team. And a good dispatcher wants the incentive of working for what they earn. 

With the Weekly rate system, this is not the case. A dispatcher has no incentive to put forth their best effort, knowing you’ll have to pay them whether they book you 1 load or 10. This forces owner operators to look for better service. 

I know because I’ve had them come to me for dispatch service after being failed by the weekly flat rate system. 

Owner Operator? Have Questions? I know, I’ve been there…

Want to hear a story that sounds all too familiar! Trust me, You want to hear this!